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Vasavi Varanasi

Executive Director

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Vasavi is a veteran SAP consultant in retail, telecom and other sectors. She has over 10+ years experience in functional and business areas. Additionally, she is a small business owner as well as an investor in India's agricultural sector. She holds a Masters in computer science from Indiana State University, Indiana.


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Murali Kuracha

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Associate Director

Murali Kuracha is a Molecular and Cell biology scientist with academic and industrial research experience in disease curing models in Invitro as well as Invivo systems. His research focus is to elucidate the molecular mechanism of disease-causing factors identification, targeting immune biological molecules to translate clinical and translational research. I investigate the fundamental mechanisms of cancer cell-mediated inflammation, metastasis, and identifying novel biomarkers for prognostic and diagnostic applications, as well as therapeutic targets limiting antigenic and inflammatory properties of recipient cells. His research Interests span across Molecular and Cell Biology, Immunology, Bioinformatics, and Clinical &Translational.He holds a Phd from Osmania University.


ZhenZhen Ren

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ZhenZhen has a master’s degree in Data Analytics from Northeastern University concentrating on Statistical Modeling. She has worked on various machine learning and deep learning projects. She is skilled with Python, SQL, R and Tableau. Specialized in data processing, predictive modeling, and data mining algorithms.


Joanne Shaw

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Yu-Chiao Shaw is a master’s graduate in Northeastern University with Data Analytics – Applied Machine Intelligence major. She has over 3 years of data science, analytics, consumer insights and engagement experience in various industries. Well-versed in KPI tracking, budgeting, and automating processes that drive efficiency, process improvement, and operational enhancements with a strong passion for machine learning predictive analysis. Skilled in advanced data-driven methods: exploratory data analysis, python, SQL, R, Tableau.



Venkata Duvvuri

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Venkata is an active researcher, advisor and an executive at several Fortune 100 companies and start-ups in North America. He is also an adjunct faculty at a Top University teaching data analytics and machine learning. He is results oriented data science, business, web & marketing analytics leader with over 10 years’ experience in Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Digital Media Analytics and Web Marketing optimization with leading internationally recognized corporations, additional 10 years software engineering experience and a top business school MBA. His research interests span across Healthcare, Marketing and Public Policy. He has delivered research initiatives at PathosAI, JeevaHealth and He has experience in management of onshore and offshore teams as well as leadership experience ranging from Director to Manager at Fortune 100 companies including marketing agencies. He holds a Master’s in Computer science from University of Massachusetts – Amherst and an MBA from University of California- Davis. He is a doctoral candidate at Purdue University in the Department of Leadership and Innovation. He has been selected as the "Top Data science leader of 2021" by digital magazine. He has 9+ submitted patents and 6+ conference papers in IEEE, ACM and Springer.


Ocotillo Group

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Rob Iskander

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A serial entrepreneur and a corporate leader with many years of experience in Information Technology, strategic planning and innovation, Robert is a global business transformation leader passionate about leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for all, with a special focus on K-12 education. Nominated as one of the Top 100 EdTech Influencers in 2017 by EdTech Magazine. Currently Robert is Founder, Chairman and CEO of GG4L (Global Grid for Learning, PBC) a social impact company focusing on K-12 education.Mr. Iskander's leadership experience includes M&A, strategic business planning, operations, technology infrastructure, product roadmaps, B2B business development, ecosystems, acquisitions, synergy modeling, rollups, due-diligence, global markets, investments and cultural transformation.Prior to GG4L, Robert was Executive Vice President & General Manager at West Corporation (2014-2017) acquired by Apollo Global. He helped West execute an aggressive roll-up strategy by acquiring 3 companies, within 3 years, under SchoolMessenger, creating one of the largest and most profitable K-12 EdTech companies in North America, serving over 63,000 schools and 100 million end-users (parents, students and teachers combined).


Tuomas Rinta

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Tuomas has been building teams and companies for the last 20 years. He sold his first company in 2008 and was instrumental in the acquisition of Applifier to Unity (NYSE: $U). He's held product and engineering leadership positions in multiple companies both in Europe and in Silicon Valley.



Vassu Dhingra

Senior Software Developer

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Vassu is a qualified Python developer with a track record of accomplishments in the higher education sector. He is highly skilled with Python, Django, Flask, scraping, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB expertise. He has a Master Degree from Rajasthan Technical University.


Sourabh Khot

Data Scientist intern

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Sourabh is a budding Data Scientist having 3.5 years of BI and consulting experience in Cloud Strategy Office of a global IT services company. He holds an MBA from IIM (S) and Bachelors in Electronics Engineering degree, and is currently pursuing Masters in Data Analytics from Northeastern University.  Sourabh has a knack for using data for surfacing insights and problem solving and is skilled in tools like Python, SQL, PowerBI.



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Business development intern

Mahima is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in Business Analytics and Information Management. She grew up in the Bay Area spending her high school years as an entrepreneur, small business owner, and the VP of business for a global non-profit. She worked with Microsoft’s Mojang Studios during her first semester at Purdue on the data analysis team focused on analyzing data and building models that are being used in current versions of Minecraft. In her free time, Mahima focuses on learning new instruments, composing music, singing, and reading.


Pawan Sarma

Software intern

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Pawan is a current senior at UMass Amherst studying CS. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and enjoy spending time at home. Outside of school and work, he enjoye playing sports, traveling to new places, and watching comedy or thriller type TV shows

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Timan Goshit

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Data Science Advisory

Timan is a problem solver, investor & world explorer. She leads defining data science curriculumn in ComTIA. She is ex-Oracle &  has had several data engineering roles. She graduated with a BS in ECS from MIT. 


Aishwarya Pillai

Product manager

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Aishwarya is an adept Product Manager with 2.5 years of experience in leading technology solution implementations. Proficient at communicating technical solutions to non-technical stakeholders, while liaising with C-level executives. Experienced in leading teams to maximize opportunities, increasing productivity & reducing costs while at the helm of large global projects. She recently completed her Masters in Project Management from Northeastern univ. 


Kesha Lindbergdashwork

Executive Director Sales (c)

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Kesha holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Wilberforce University of Ohio, where she studied Engineering Physics, and minored in math. At Wilberforce University, Kesha managed the Math tutoring laboratory, which was next door to the computer lab. So in between tutoring sessions, Kesha learned technology among the computer enthusiasts at the computer laboratory every day. Kesha also holds a Master of Business Administration from William Woods University in Missouri. She completed classes under a doctoral business administration, and doctoral business management degree, studying from brick-and-mortar, and online universities. Kesha is ABD, and never submitted nor completed her dissertation, and instead desired to go back into corporate America.


Sayli Bahekar

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Data Engineer

Sayli has around 4.8 years of experience in Data Analyst/Data Engineer roles, where she worked on data migration, data quality management, and analytical reporting projects. She recently completed my master's in Data Analytics from Northeastern University. She got good exposure to machine learning/AI, and predictive analysis, while doing my master's. She loves working with data to produce insightful outcomes. Besides this, she loves to go for a hike, paint or play music in her free time.


Munir Farhan

Software Engineer

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Farhan is a thorough professional with over a decade of experience in: Software Architecture, DevOps, Technical Leadership, Project Management and Data Sciences. He is a life long learner who takes an immense pleasure in learning about new technologies and methodologies. He is a graduate from DePaul University in Chicago in the field of Computer Science. Besides professional life, he loves to spend time with his family and explore new countries.

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