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Vasavi Varanasi

Executive Director

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Vasavi is a veteran SAP consultant in retail, telecom and other sectors. She has over 10+ years experience in functional and business areas. Additionally, she is a small business owner as well as an investor in India's agricultural sector. She holds a Masters in computer science from Indiana State University, Indiana.


Web Design

Kaylie J

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Research Assistant

Kaylie graduated with a Masters in Analytics from Northeastern U. 


ZhenZhen Ren

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ZhenZhen has a master’s degree in Data Analytics from Northeastern University concentrating on Statistical Modeling. She has worked on various machine learning and deep learning projects. She is skilled with Python, SQL, R and Tableau. Specialized in data processing, predictive modeling, and data mining algorithms.

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Heejae roh

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Heejae roh is a dedicated data professional currently pursuing a Master's degree in Data Analysis at Northeastern University. He graduated from South Korea. 


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Venkat is an active researcher, advisor and an executive at several Fortune 100 companies and start-ups in North America. He is also an adjunct faculty at a Top University teaching data analytics and machine learning. He is results oriented data science, business, web & marketing analytics leader with over 10 years’ experience in Data science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Digital Media Analytics and Web Marketing optimization with leading internationally recognized corporations, additional 10 years software engineering experience and a top business school MBA. His research interests span across Healthcare, Marketing and Public Policy. He has delivered research initiatives at PathosAI, JeevaHealth and He has experience in management of onshore and offshore teams as well as leadership experience ranging from Director to Manager at Fortune 100 companies including marketing agencies. He holds a Master’s in Computer science from University of Massachusetts – Amherst and an MBA from University of California- Davis. He is a doctoral candidate at Purdue University in the Department of Leadership and Innovation. He has been selected as the "Top Data science leader of 2021" by digital magazine. He has 9+ submitted patents and 6+ conference papers in IEEE, ACM and Springer.


Ocotillo Group

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Operating partner at Mubadala Ventures. Kellogg School Of Management graduate and entrepreneur. Mumbai native. 

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Gpalli is a technical leader in the software industry with more than two decades of experience in building enterprise applications. She is fluent in Russian and finished her Bachelors in Ukraine. She graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Masters in CS. As a Group Manager of Platform Development at Oracle, she leads the engineers that manage and maintain critical platform components of the Oracle CX Marketing Cloud. Starting as a software developer and making her way into the leadership position, her focus has always been development of software systems that provide scalability, robustness, high availability, fault tolerance, and most importantly, performance. She is passionate about inspiring others to explore and facilitate innovation. Having had the opportunity to play a key role in establishing and expanding R&D centers in India, she has witnessed firsthand how fostering innovation and advancement can dramatically enhance a team's output. This holistic approach to team management, coupled with a commitment to nurturing talent, has been instrumental in her ability to attract and retain top-tier technical talent. Her aspiration is to continue her journey to innovate, contribute to industry advancements, and mentor the next generation of technical leaders.



Abhinandan Dhingra

Senior Software Developer

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Abhi is a qualified Python developer with a track record of accomplishments in the higher education sector. He is highly skilled with Python, Django, Flask, scraping, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB expertise.



Data Scientist intern

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Wendy is a budding Data Scientist and is finished his Masters in Data Analytics from Northeastern University. Additionally she has an BS from China. 

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Business Executive

Isabel is a BS graduate at SJSU. She is ex Apple consultant and will be the channel for sales with Restaurants industry.


Dan X

Software intern

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Dan is a warm and outgoing individual, who aspires to become a Data Scientist following her experience as a Project  Analyst and has iinterest in working with data, Dan proactively engaged in projects and workshops related to data modeling, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Dan graduated with Masters student at Northeastern Univ. She loves dogs.


Jun Chen 

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Data Science Intern

Jun has a Masters in Analytics from Northeastern U. He hails from a illustrious school from China with a bachelaurate



High school intern

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Monta Vista


Rima Al

Associate Director (Marketing)

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Rima Al-Zahrani is a recent UC Davis MBA graduate and the Associate Director of Marketing who excels at creating marketing campaigns that make customers take action by combining strong analytics skills and knowledge about the customer journey. When she is not crafting marketing campaigns, Rima can be found hiking around the city, having a cup of coffee with friends, or taking a dance class at a local studio.


Twin Sister

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ALMA Intern

Being from Alma matter of founder is not only the unique thing about her, but Shreya and her sister are twins. Go Minutemen!

Various Indian Spices


Marketing Intern

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Dougherty High school

Traditional Fashion


Mobile developer

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Experienced in ios and android development


Renuka C

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Data Scientist Intern

Renu has around 2 years of experience in Data Analyst/Data Engineer roles, where she worked on data migration, and analytical reporting projects. She recently completed a Master's in Data Analytics from U Penn at Wharton Institute. She got good exposure to machine learning/AI, and predictive analysis, while doing her master's. She come from Pune a college town in India.


Munir Farhan

Senior Software Engineer

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Farhan is a thorough professional with over a decade of experience in: Software Architecture, DevOps, Technical Leadership, Project Management and Data Sciences. He is a life long learner who takes an immense pleasure in learning about new technologies and methodologies. He is a graduate from DePaul University in Chicago in the field of Computer Science. Besides professional life, he loves to spend time with his family and explore new countries.


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